Brand story


Bazuhaus is a sustainable womenswear label founded by designer and photographer Elena Bazu in 2016. After 11 years in web-design and a life in New York City, she decided to come back to her home country Ukraine and establish her own brand there.


Minimalistic cut, natural shades and ethical manufacturing are the core of Bazuhaus. The brand does not depend on trends and seasons, so each piece is a timeless reinterpretation of classic menswear garments: tailored jackets and white oversize shirts, cashmere sweaters and woolen trousers. Clothes by Bazuhaus can be quickly packed into a suitcase and put on right after arrival. The creative team behind the brand believes in uniform dressing, when one spends more time thinking about truly meaningful aspects of life than new daily outfits.


Bazuhaus is a combination of Bauhaus (design movement) and Bazu (the founder`s surname).


Sustainable production


All Bazuhaus pieces are made from rescued deadstock fabric and yarn. Major fashion houses leave a lot of leftovers after producing their collections. These materials are then sold as stock, but the remains are usually burnt down. Bazuhaus saves them from being destroyed and as a result avoids using new materials and adding more waste, saves tons of water and reduces the amount of air emissions during manufacturing.


Due to using deadstock fabric and not producing new materials, different pieces of the same model can be made in different shades. For example, the shade of our grey oversize sweater can vary, because sometimes we buy yarn for 5 pieces at a time. Afterwards, we pick the closest shade, but it is rarely possible to get the same one each time. Some of Bazuhaus pieces are unique. Some of them are remade. For example, we reuse our own jackets or fine knitwear to create new ones. These items have a special mark in our online-store.


Bazuhaus studio is based in Kyiv. And every Bazuhaus garment is made in Ukraine by small manufacturers in Kyiv and Dnipro. It is important for us to manufacture locally in order to reduce the carbon trace of the company. We communicate with each person involved in the manufacturing process directly in order to be sure that the working conditions are ethical and decent. We support women who work as seamstresses in different regions of Ukraine and improve their working conditions. Many of them have to work extra hours at night in order to support their families. If they live in small towns, their salary is often lower than the minimal wage. Every day we make an effort to change the situation. When the garments are ready, they are delivered to Kyiv, where we check the quality and then send each purchase to the customer.


Vegan brand


Bazuhaus is a vegan-friendly label. We love animals and we do not want to exploit them. We do not use natural fur, leather or silk in our collections. For example, instead of using natural silk, we buy synthetic silk from deadstock. It is often hard to distinguish one from the other. When it comes to taking care of such fabrics, it is also more reasonable in terms of additional expenses, water usage and air emissions.


Cruelty-free wool


Most of the wool we use is certified by Wool Mark, so we are sure that the material was sourced ethically.




We try very hard to utilize everything we cannot use again at our manufacturers. We keep our sewing patterns digitally, but sometimes we need to print them. We collect all paper materials, as well as fabric waste and threads, which we then bring to a local recycling spot. In the process, we try to use any kind of packaging more than once and as rarely as possible.




We do not use plastic or paper to pack our goods. Instead we fold them into special fabric bags. Our customers can keep and use them later in their daily lives. For example, to bring avocados from a market or to pack underwear for a trip.




To deliver goods within Ukraine, we use land-based transportation. We often use electric cars. To deliver goods to other countries, we use land-based transportation, whenever it is possible, which is the case with many European countries. Yes, it takes a few more days for the parcel to arrive, but we believe that slow living is not only about giving up extra things, but also about being ready to wait for your order a bit longer in order to reduce air emissions. To deliver urgent orders, we use international air courier service. There are different options that our customers can choose from.


Fair price


We believe that sustainability is not only about giving something up, but also about providing support. Our production scale is small and our mark-up is 2-3x instead of 5-6x that big retailers tend to have. This is why we cannot afford having any kind of sales. Otherwise we would have to raise the prices and include these activities in them in advance. We want to be as honest with our customers as possible.


Want to say hi?


Bazuhaus is a flexible company with an open-minded team. If you have any questions or suggestions, if you would like to collaborate with us in any way or find out our wholesale prices, please send us an e-mail to We will be happy to hear from you!

Instagram: @bazuhaus