Sustainable and minimalistic brand Bazuhaus was founded by Elena Bazu in 2016. After she moved back to Kyiv from New York City, where she worked for A-list brands as a designer, she decided to own her clothing brand with the idea of timeless pieces. Button-up shirt, staple white tee, basic pants or jacket are versatile, timeless layering pieces that can be worn season after season and all bought in one place.


Bazuhaus embodies core principles of minimalism through color, material and form. Instead of wasting time for luxurious clothing garments bazugirl prefers to invest in tickets to her favourite places in the world or in crockery for her cozy living place.


Remember, that having (your own version of) capsule wardrobe is cheaper, simpler and more practical option comparing to a closet full of stuff you hardly ever wear. That is a powerful idea. If we are smart and deliberate, we can accomplish more with less.

Instagram: @bazuhaus